Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back It Up!

There's an old saying: "You never miss your water 'til the well runs dry".

I got up yesterday morning, turned on my computer and.... NOTHING! Well okay, it did something but not what it was supposed to. I couldn't get it to open windows and kept going back to an initializing screen. Needless to say my well ran dry. I took it to Best Buy and turned it over into the hands of The Geek Squad. I was in there 3 hours mostly because I chose to wait until they ran something on my computer so I'd know exactly what was wrong and what kind of problem I was really looking at. They could read the drive but couldn't open it. And wouldn't you know it, my service plan ran out 2 months ago and I never got a renewal notice. So $259.00 and a day later, here I sit back on my laptop. I thank God it was only $259.00 and that I didn't have to buy a new drive (at least not yet), or a new laptop.

Part of the $259 was for my old 2nd computer that I also took it. I was so disheartened when that drive crashed I never took it in. At the time it was okay because I had most of everything on there on my other laptop... until I messed up and accidentally deleted everything on that one. That's a long story of stupidity I won't get into. I cried for three days and then every time I thought about it because I literally lost everything. Everything - photos, books I was trying to write, email contacts.... everything.

Let me just say.. if you hesitate to back-up your stuff and keep copies of your files, PLEASE learn from my experiences. I've owned or worked computers ever since they first came out and I'd never had a problem until my last two computer so my backing up was practically nil. I've learned so I'm just reminding those of you hesitate to back-it up, stop putting it off.



June said...

It's always amazing to me how things can go so wrong so quickly. Curious what brand your computers are...

Jayne said...

Ouch! Glad they were able to fix it for you. It's true, we just assume they will work forever. Back it up indeed!

2sweetnsaxy said...

June - I've had one of everything. LOL! This one is a Gateway. I've had Sony, Compaq. Never had a problem and thank God no viruses. But I will say I really use my computer and probably run them into the ground and usually 3-4 things plugged into it. I get my money's worth.

Jayne - I'm glad they were able to fix it too. I usually have a new one before I start getting those "age" problems. :-)

BNS said...

I've been an inveterate backer-upper since grad school -- after I lost a whole lot of research data and a paper/presentation for a conference that was about 2 paragraphs from being complete.

Funny, it takes most of us these kinds of personal loss experiences before we learn the lesson. It's good you wrote about this to remind people who haven't yet had the experience that sooner or later THEY WILL.