Saturday, August 16, 2008

California Skate

When you look at the first picture let me point out that this is a California Skate. I believe it's considered to be a type of Ray. There are two in the picture, both against the glass, one with it's back facing the camera and the other with it's underbelly. They were about 4-6 inches long not including the tail.

When I first saw this thing in the bottom corner of the tank and looked at it's underbelly (the one closest to the camera), the first thing I thought was Casper the ghost but almost as soon as I thought that it was replaced with the thought, "Oh my goodness, that looks just like a face!"

The more I looked at through the lens as I snapped the eerier (is that a word) it seemed and still it just fascinated me. I don't know if those are actually eyes and a mouth but that's what they look like to me!

My only regret about these pics are the scratches on the glass of the tank. I was going to edit them out but didn't want to mess up any of the real detail of this Skate.


kjpweb said...

Really spooky! :)
Wonderful images. Casper, huh?
Cheers, Klaus

Jayne said...

That is soooo cool!

The Urban Buddha said...

Very cool shots. :) The close-ups are just fantastic. It looks like something from outerspace or like a little sea ghost. ;)
Have a great day!

2sweetnsaxy said...

Klaus - Casper the friendly ghost. LOL! Thanks. :-)

Jayne - Thanks. I thought so too.

The Urban Buddha - Thank you. Sea ghost - I like that.

BNS said...

I'm just amazed that you can get such good underwater critter photos through aquarium glass -- scratches and all! Well done.