Sunday, September 7, 2008

Picture Puzzles

I really enjoy puzzles so I enjoy this site that allows you to upload one of your own pictures to make a puzzle that you can then email to someone or post on your site. I think it's fun and a little different way to send a picture if you know someone who enjoys puzzles. Thought I would post a sample puzzle of one of my pics and give you the link to create your own.

My Picture Puzzle

Click Here to make your own.


kjpweb said...

Neat idea! Though I couldn't see yours - the link did not pan out for me.. :(
Cheers, Klaus

2sweetnsaxy said...

Klaus - I have fun with it. And thanks for letting me know about the link. I fixed it. :-)

Anonymous said...

This is fun... I'm sure my kids and I will enjoy doing these :)
Thanks for sharing the source!

Have a good week ahead :)

2sweetnsaxy said...

Napaboaniya - I hope you guys enjoy it. Hope you have a great week ahead too. :-)