Monday, January 14, 2008


Over the past several years I've come to enjoy going to see the floats after the Tournament of Roses parade. There is nothing like seeing them up close, smelling the flowers and taking some really beautiful pictures of flowers.

This year I also got to go to the parade for the first time and still went to take my pictures of the floats up close and personal. I guess I got carried away. I took over 500 pictures! I love them all and it's been really difficult trying to figure out which ones to post. Hopefully I'll pick all the rights ones that will make you think, "oooh... ahhhhh...". LOL!

I went with my sister and her grandson, my great nephew who is all of 4 years old. We weren't sure if he would get bored but when they began with the motorcyle police clearing the way and getting people off the streets, red lights flashing as they made circles up and down the street, and then the jets flew overhead... he was a goner. At the end of the parade I asked him what he liked most. He said the motorcyles. It just amazes me that out of two hours worth of parade what he remembered and liked most was the very first thing we saw.

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