Sunday, January 13, 2008


When it rained last weekend we got about 8 inches of snow in the mountains (Mount Baldy), that are about 20 minutes away from me. I took this picture on the way in to work. This is my view of the mountains a couple of blocks before I get to my office building. I haven't been to see the snow in the mountains in a very long time. This weekend I decided to get up early and go get a close view of the snow before it melted away so, off I went - me, my cup of coffee and my new camera.

I'm glad I went this weekend because I had to practically go up to the top of the mountain to see the snow.

I took my pictures and being the person I am, when I decided to leave I kept looking for other photo ops along the way down the hill. I found a spot. It was thick with these tall trees and I could see a small stream from the melting snow. I slowed down and found a spot to pull over. Before I could come to a complete stop I saw movement and looked out of the window. There was a ram half practically at the top of the embankment looking at me!

Hurriedly, I put the car and park and grabbed my camera but it had already moved down the embankment toward the stream out of view. I rushed out of the car and quietly moved over to the top of the embankment and looked down. This is what I saw.

There were four rams but before I could get more pictures of them they began to move away completely oblivous to me or maybe they were simply used to people and not bothered by them. The whole time I'm taking pictures I was hoping one of them wouldn't charge me or that I wouldn't turn around and find a mountain lion on my butt. But what a rush!

These are just a few other pictures of the small stream and the surrounding area that I took after the rams wandered off. Did I pick a good day to head to the mountains or what!?

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