Thursday, July 24, 2008

Angeles National Forest - Azusa Canyon

I finally got a good shot of the dam. Parking near it isn't that great and the couple of spots that are there I always seem to pass before I realize it. Not today. LOL! The picture of the bird below is the only bird I saw all day, at least while I was out of the car with the camera. There was also still some water running down the stream here but a lot of areas full of water are now dried up. It's fire season and it looks it (didn't take any pictures to prove it).

And look! I was finally able to get a picture of a squirrel too!


BNS said...

My gosh, is that an eagle?? If so, you should NOT complain that it was the only bird you saw that day. (Poor you!)


Jayne said...

Beautiful wing flight shot of a vulture. It's more likely a Turkey Vulture, but it's hard to tell since you can't see the head well. That dam is impressive!

kjpweb said...

Beautiful! (Yeah,you're right - it's a Turkey Vulture) Love the Dandelion and of course the squirrel shots!
Cheers, Klaus

2sweetnsaxy said...

Bobbie,Jayne & Klaus - Would have been nice if it was an eagle but I'll take it being a turkey vulture. It only came close once and that when I'd gotten in the car to leave. I took that shot through the windshield. Then it just soared away.

Thanks for the commments! :-)