Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Little Fishies

I went back to the Long Beach Aquarium trying to work with my camera a little more and get some better shots than the last time. I still have some work to do in figuring out some settings and why I mess up so many shots!!! Urrrggghhh! LOL!


kjpweb said...

They look yummy. Oups. I shouldn't have said that. Tasty? Naah.
Good! That ok?
And they do NOT look little at all!
Cheers, Klaus

SAPhotographs said...

Great shots especially as they were taken through glass. I have not been to the aqaurium for a long time and should go there sometime it is such a calming place.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Klaus - LOL! I take it you like to eat fish. :-D And you're right, they weren't that little.

Saphotographs - Thanks. It was a challenge for me because of the lighting and the movement of the fish. I'm still trying to learn to use this camera and the settings. It gets a little frustrating missing so many shots.

Jayne said...

These are great considering there is glass in the way... esp. the last shot! Bravo!

2sweetnsaxy said...

Thanks Jayne! I really liked the light coming in playing with the bubble stream.

BNS said...

I like these, too. Hard to believe you shot them at the aquarium. You could easily pass those off as underwater shots. Must be difficult to avoid distortion from the flash reflecting from the glass! I think you did a great job with these.