Monday, July 21, 2008

Jazz Fest West

I had a great time on Saturday and went to my usual park for a jazz concert in the park. It was just a tad overwhelming how huge this thing was and really put in perspective just how huge Bonelli Park is. I've shown pictures here of the lake at Bonelli Park, most of the pics of my sunsets were taken here. In this area of the park where the concert was, you couldn't even see the lake and I don't think it was one 20th of the park.

The pics I'm posting aren't the best but I just wanted to share my experience. I love jazz and got to see a few of my favorite performers while enjoying an absolutely gorgeous day that wasn't too hot.

The picture below shows my view of the stage for the pictures that will follow it. The stage is located in the highlighted yellow box. They're not the pictures I was hoping to take but they had the "priority" section blocked off so you couldn't get close to the stage. I guess I could have asked but I tend to be a little shy, something I need to get over.

Not a bad little zoom lens on this camera...


This concert was so big they had two stages, the smaller stage had performances that took place between the ones on the main stage so I was able to get a front row seat to one of the performances there.

Lao Tizer Band with Chieli Minucci and Karen Briggs

Karen Briggs & Lao Tizer

Chieli Minucci

And here's a little clip of the perfomance. Okay, it's not so little (smile).

All in all it was a great day and if you've never taken in a concert in the park I'd highly recommend one, especially one like this that is an annual affair because they have numerous vendors, great name entertainment and plenty to eat and drink.

AND I did get one "artsy" shot that I really like:


me ann my camera said...

It must have been a great day; all the photos suggest atmosphere on a great summer day. My most favourite is the shot with the colouful umbrellas and the tall grass in the background. How great it must be to have something like that place near by.

Thank you for your kind and generous comments on my blogs. I am so glad that you enjoy your visits there.

BNS said...

I like your "artsy" shot very much. It could be a poster to advertise the concert.


Jayne said...

What a fun and colorful day!

2sweetnsaxy said...

Me and My Camera - Thank you. Those colorful umbrellas kept drawing my eyes to them. :-) And I do enjoy your site very much.

BNS - Thank you! I thought I'd use that shot as a background one day.

Jayne - It was just that, a fun and colorful day! :-)