Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Geese

I haven't been out so I've been going back through pictures I've taken. When I get out I usually come back with so many pics and I get excited about editing them, or I have so many that I only pic out my favs and never post the others. So... I thought I'd post some of the other ones over the next few posts.

I think these are Canadian geese and I took these at the Arboretum. These geese were everywhere. It was great! I guess since they live there they had a right to cross the road like they owned it.


kjpweb said...

That's many! Too many? Looks as if they are becoming quite a nuisance, huh?
Cheers, Klaus

2sweetnsaxy said...

They were quite an attraction at this one area. I think they're so used to getting fed they all hang around waiting for someon to show up. I have a pic where they were all following this one family. I should have posted it.