Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Fishy Stuff

I wish you could have seen these lobsters and how big they were. Let me put it this way. You know those tanks where you can pick your lobster. One of these would have barely fit in one of those tanks....and it would have easily climbed out.

And I don't know what the ones are below. I just liked the pictures. :-)

And I think we all know this is a stingray. Man, this thing was huge. I'm sure it was easily 4-5 feet long not include that tail.


kjpweb said...

Gorgeous shots. Only thing I can identify is the shark - a Black Tip Reef Shark. (Shark week at Discovery channel ;))
Cheers, Klaus

2sweetnsaxy said...

Thanks Klaus! I get so excited taking pictures I never look at the signs that tell what these things are. :-D