Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mystery Bird

I really don't know what kind of bird this is so it's a mystery to me thought it may not be to you (smile). I just saw it sitting there through the trees and thought it would make an interesting shot.


kjpweb said...

Nice! - You got yourself a Beauty.
Looks like an immature Double Crested Cormorant. These are the guys with the turquoise eyes! Pretty cool!
Cheers, Klaus

2sweetnsaxy said...

Thanks Klaus! Looking back now I wish I'd taken a couple more and zoomed in a little closer.

BNS said...

I don't know what it is -- I'd take Klaus's word for it, though. Anyway, it's a very nice shot.


2sweetnsaxy said...

Thanks Bobbie! I'm taking Klaus' word for it. He knows his birds.

Texas Travelers said...

Yup, what Klaus said.

Good shot,