Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bicyclists - How Rude!!

As I drove out of the park today I saw a stream of bicyclists riding by. I tell you, it was a thing of beauty watching this line of colors whiz by. Of course, I got a little exciting hoping to catch some decent shots without running into anything, especially one of the bicyclists.

But here's the thing. They are soooo rude! They just take over the whole road and they don't care. If I weren't trying to get some photos I would have been ticked off. There are two lanes and they're in both lanes.

And then!! Look at the photo below. They turn right and then do it from the left lane because they don't want to slow down enough to turn from the right lane.

Even when it's just two bicyclists they just take over the whole road. The park and lake by me had perfect roads for them with not a lot of traffic. But they act like they just own the road. I'm surprised I haven't heard of any of them getting hit.

The photos aren't perfect but they're not bad considering I was driving, and trying to focus and stay in one lane. :-D


chrome3d said...

So many butts...hah, you were driving too!:-) This made me laugh. That bunch of rude bicyclists. I guess when there is a big enough crowd of same kind of people then they think that they can do anything.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

It never ceases to amaze me how people can be so inconsiderate!! Then someone must just bump them and you see how they complain.

Laurieluc said...

very nice colors and framing, especially while driving! My husband bikes as well but doesn't like going out in groups. Says they take it waaaay too seriously. His point is hey--your on a bike! Smile!

Darla said...

Okay here's the thing here in our town. We have spent mega bucks on bike the cyclists use them........NO......they hog the roads!


That is some shots with action! And you in action as well, in the car!
I totally agree with you! So rude!
I walk a lot, and use the sidewalk. I don't know how many times I almost have been run over by bicers! They don't use their bells, don't slow down - they are suddenly there from behind! Since cars are driving by, I cannot hear them coming.

From the shots you are showing, it is a wonder an accident didn't happen!

Jan said...

I have two comments: One, yes, this group was rude, dangerous and illegal, but not all bicyclist are. Two, you were shooting while driving, not just one quick shot, either, which can be just as rude and dangerous, and maybe illegal.

Anonymous said...

We've seen groups of cyclists like this taking over the streets around here. What a neat idea to photograph them. You did a good job.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Chrome3d - You are too funny. Those were a lot of butts.

SAPhotographs - Luckily everyone crawls behind them and lets them do their thing. An accident would be horrible.

Laurieluc - I don't want to group them all as bad. There were those stragglers who seemed very considerate and conscious of any cars.

Darla - I guess like with people in general you'll always have those who think they're the exception.

Valkyrien - I figure rude people are just rude whether it's walking or bicycling or driving.

Jan - Didn't mean to group them all together. There were those in the group who lagged behind and looked before moving. The bulk of them kept switching lanes with no concern for the cars behind them who couldn't move past them.

Also, these were taken over a 2 mile drive while stuck behind them and considering I couldn't move but 5-10 miles an hour behind them and wasn't as close as the photos looked because of my zoom lens the only thing I would have endangered was the curb. :-D

Denise said...

Wow, I thought it was some kind of bicycle race with a police escort but these guys are just out for a ride? I wonder if they were practicing for a race? They do tend to take over don't they?

BNS said...

Like Denise, I also presumed this must have been a race. Good action shots, though!